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Digital Course: What's your identity?
On the way to your identity

Secret NLP techniques to become a master in goal-setting are used by public figures, opinion leaders, and great achievers. These are well-to-do people who already recognized their values and set up priorities based on them. Now, by adopting a highly trusted methodology, you too can build your wealth and reshape your approach to setting goals.

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 For a moment, picture yourself, in one year, living in a completely different reality – the reality of realized dreams. This is done through thoughtful planning based on neuropsychology and tapping into resources available to yourself on the unconscious level. Ability to formulate clear goals and focus on the right actions is the way to get what you want easier, master a skill, and design a road map on the mental level filled in with accurately formulated goals. Stepping into the course, you will learn how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals before unwanted circumstances force you only to react. To feel free, confident, and healthy are part of the individual work on the way to finding a balance.

This course is suitable for

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, an expert, a professional, or you have decided to acquire a new profession. We all have different life situations. What’s important is the task you want to solve. What specific situation do you truly want to deal with at the moment? State your problem; be specific.


Ability to speak confidently

Big Investment

For those who have invested a lot of time or emotions in a project or relationship, but haven’t received a result and are now not able to quit. You can’t think about a situation in any other way.

Release emotion

For those who are experiencing grief and can’t reconcile with it. You feel there are internal issues that need to be worked out. You want to overcome internal pain, change your attitude toward a situation, and take emotions under the control. Take some part of the past, convert it into a resource, and build something new.

For those who received one of the saddest news and have lost the desire to look to the future. You want to find internal strength to restart a new chapter in your life.


For those who want to achieve more self-discipline, or “I want to improve my self-esteem.” You want to say to yourself, “I managed to become stronger and changed bad habits.” Do you want to learn how to look at yourself with pleasure in the mirror, but don’t know how? 

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What is taught in the course

What's your

Assignment 1


How your identity affects the goal setting and where your talents are hidden. What is this path based on?

How does the goal-setting skill affect finances, career, and environment? The basic principle of developing the goal-setting skill.

Why we don’t get what we want and how to start getting what we want. The fifth element – your secret power to achieve goals.

Nine steps for goal formulation that will change your approach and make you respect your words.

Create a mental map and define a one-year direction, embedding specific coordinates for your goals to take off. 

 For self-practice – gain access to the right internal resources to overcome internal sabotage and activate your goal on an unconscious level. gif maker


 For self-practice – gain access to the right internal resources to overcome internal sabotage and activate your goal on an unconscious level.

About the author

Vera Artemyeva – Master NLP, hypnologist, journalist, and author of the book «Sustainable Fashion: Responsible Consumption, Design, Fabrics, and Materials».

Author of one of the most popular developing EdTech, “The Family Fabric Academy” – digital education for people of the future. Helping creatives to synchronize on an individual level to allow global synchronization to take off. EdTech was inspired by the book and the personal experiences of the author.

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Options to participate in a program:
What's your identity? On the way to your identity

Online — Access 2 Years of Digital Practice

Accessible for individual practice at any time or pace

  • 1 Methodology for acknowledging and accepting individual values
  • 7 Highly effective exercises to develop the ability to set up true goals
  • 9 Steps to master a goal formulation for the best outcome
  • 2 years of digital practice through access to all course materials
  • 1 Bonus: Auto-training / trance/self-hypnosis. For self-practice – get access to inner resources that you may need to achieve a goal.

100 Euros 60 Euros

Offline + Online

  • 1-Day face-to-face module in Milan + Online version
  • 150 Euros
  • 1 day of full-time study (8 hours)
  • 1 online training (3:30 hours)

Fees until October 19th, 2022 – 100 Euros

Address: Milano, Via Bisceglie, 76 

Check out what alumni have to say about the course:


expert of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

“I often have to speak. I would like to note the deep expertise of Alexei Sobolev and captivating sincerity. I managed to solve my problems. Thank you.”


facial rejuvenation specialist

“The fear of public speaking just paralyzed me, I tried to work with  many specialists  and the result was almost zero. We worked with Alexei for only 1.5 hours and I had my first live broadcast and got high! I really liked myself and now it’s my turn for a consultation!”


nutritionist, nutritionist

“I recommend everyone to take the Speech Like a Sword! It’s super practice, no water! Alexey has a talent for communicating information clearly and helping to develop the skill of confidence and communication.”

Answers to frequently asked questions:

For two years. You’ll have lots of time for digital practice and the mastering of skills so that you can start formulating goals on your own. 

After registration and payment, you will receive access to your account by email. The course is composed of recorded video lesson and will be accessible immediately after payment. 


After payment and registration, you will receive an email with an access link and a password to enter your account, where all course materials are stored.


The course can be paid for with any bank card Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Revolut. You can also pay through Google Pay and Apple Pay. To make payment, start by clicking on the “Get Access” button.

Our payment system accepts cards from any bank in any country.

Yes, you will be refunded. In fact, you’re not risking anything by purchasing this course. If the course does not meet your expectations in the first two days after purchase, we will refund the course cost, minus bank commission, with no questions asked. Just write to support: [email protected]

Yes, you can. At the time of purchase and enrollment in the course, specify the email address of the person you want to send the present. After registration and payment, the person will receive access to the course via email. 


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