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What’s your identity?
On the way to your identity

Learn to formulate your goals for guaranteed realization

Course format:

30% theory
70% practice

29 or 29 October
(Wednesday, Saturday)

life + online materials


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Secret NLP techniques to become a master in goal-setting are used by public figures, opinion leaders, and great achievers. These are well-to-do people who already recognized their values and set up priorities based on them. Now, by adopting a highly trusted methodology, you too can build your wealth and reshape your approach to setting goals. For a moment, picture yourself, in one year, living in a completely different reality – the reality of realized dreams. This is done through thoughtful planning based on neuropsychology and tapping into resources available to yourself on the unconscious level.

Ability to formulate clear goals and focus on the right actions is the way to get what you want easier, master a skill, and design a road map on the mental level filled in with accurately formulated goals. Stepping into the course, you will learn how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals before unwanted circumstances force you only to react. To feel free, confident, and healthy are part of the individual work on the way to finding a balance. 

Cost of participation in the course

Offline + Online

  • 1-Day face-to-face module in Milan + Online materials
  • 150 Euros
  • 1 day of full-time study (8 hours)
  • 1 online training (3:30 hours)
  • Coffee breaks

Fees until October 19th, 2022 – 100 Euros

Address: Milano, Via Bisceglie, 76