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Goal setting

Goal setting: How to set mutual attraction between you and goals?

On Christmas Eve you are starting to question how to set up the goals. I decided to prepare a series of articles about goals and how to approach goal setting. They cover every corner of this question from different angles and will help you break through into the new year at a rate of knots towards your future achievements.

Today – about special people who have an inner power, to attract goals like a magnet to themselves, and how you can become one of them.

Agree, there are people who have succumbed to reality and there are those who are changing reality under themselves. They took initiative to move, not following a common flow, or moving against it, but by finding and following their own path. What’s the difference between these two? Unlike the first group of people, others want, and they know how to. This power comes from three preconditions, that the powerful follow strictly.

Goal setting

We are exploring the world as kids, who are observing surrounded reality as a global supermarket filled in with desired objects-toys, and we are carefully selecting which toys to take or which goals to set. There is a live connection between these two and it’s hard to say who wants it more.

When a person has cleared the collected plaque of false beliefs and aspirations, that have been stacked on the lenses of the glasses through which he sees and perceives the world. Once he sees those goals, a mutual resonance occurs, and a person will have no choice but to be attracted and go for it «no matter what».

Perhaps some of you get the spice of magic in these words. Perhaps that’s how it is. After all, what else can you call the process of synergy? When a person has enough free energy, having previously done significant personal development work, finally clears up the veil of plaque from their glasses, and “their eyes meet” with his real goal?

The process of change begins, when the space surrounding the person – that was out of their control – starts “to move”, and changes in the favor of fulfilling his/her desire.

How could you describe this process as none other than magic? Why is this happening? It’s very simple: the Universe wants to evolve.

Development – it’s her natural state, and people act as tools to realize this need. Just imagine for a moment what career dream you would like to pursue. How many languages would you like to speak? How many friends do you want to have? Which countries would you like to visit? Or what car would you like to drive? Somewhere in an unknown space, the answers to all these questions are awaiting you. Step up into an unknown reality, do a practical exercise, and develop one goal by answering survey questions.

Or explore our training What’s your identity? On the way to your identity, where I explained a precise step-by-step process on how to activate all those long-awaited dreams.

In fact, all these dreams that people keep in a “waiting mode” are optimally brought into reality by setting goals. Goals are waiting for people because the achievement of a goal helps to satisfy significant individual values. it turns out that such “cooperation” is beneficial to both parties.

It’s simple, most of us don’t know that often we don’t just achieve goals – they achieve us. Efforts are being made from both sides equally. Sometimes a person can be immediately drawn to a goal, almost magnetically, as it resonates with internal vibes within. Such cases are understood: “this is my calling”.

Or sometimes it happens as though at first there is no special thrill inside, nothing burns and doesn’t call, you just quietly understand: “It would be nice to get it – do it – implement it! Oh, it would be nice.”. You start to act, do something, start to move, and in the process open up new meanings, new resources, and new opportunities.

A mutual desire that arose at the first meeting may not be noticeable immediately. Only by tracing back your steps can you understand that from a certain moment it “went” especially powerful, as though an invisible magnetic power had turned on, despite any obstacles. It’s like you have passed an invisible recruitment process, and you have been selected by your goal for an open role – to be “the owner”.

One thing is clear right away: if thoughts pop up in your brain as mushrooms after heavy rain “it would be great to be part of it, go somewhere, build something, buy something” and so on, it seems there is a hint from the other side saying you can take part in an interesting quest called “achieving the goal.”

 Access to Energy

Energy is in everything and it’s all around you. Consequently, those who succeed in this world have energy to spare from all their successful ventures in life.

If you feel your level of energy is at the lowest possible level, no one is to blame for this except yourself. It’s difficult to find resources that people tend to take more carelessly than energy and time.

People waste them on unnecessary things, for example:

  1. Long discussions about events that you are not able to influence: economy, politics, catastrophes.
  2. Gossip.
  3. Reflections on what others are thinking.
  4. Plugging your time with pointless activities in an attempt to catch a drop of dopamine: watching TV and TV series, scrolling social media, and playing computer games (if these actions are done for a specific goal, then skip this point).
  5. Abusing your own health: frequent parties, smoking, excessive drinking, overeating, lack of sleep.

Extra energy doesn’t exist in people who are doing what weakens them – those non-targeted actions that don’t bring improvement in any context of their lives but only waste time and energy.

Stop self-deprecating and consider climbing out of the ditch onto level ground, starting from ground zero. Now you can climb a mountain.

In enabling yourself to do this, start energizing yourself. Only by self-evaluating your energy levels post activity and following a process of elimination, can we then discover which ones zap you of energy and which allow you to recharge your batteries. It can take time to find out what works for you, this can be anything: sport, reading, good food, or getting up early.

Maybe cleaning or systematization of space? Or sincere communication with loved ones. Taking care of yourself. Learning or watching a TV series as a source of inspiration about the behaviors of role models, but not as a plug for the brain to spare time.

Be open and search for supportive spots, your own place of power and never apologize for them if you feel that they help you move forward toward your desired destination.  

Goal setting 1

Focus of attention

‘Success’ is not what you allow in your life, it is what comes from saying “no” to the negatively impactful ventures you are offered. In other words, these are our daily choices.

The truth is: achieved goals are not made up of our ‘yes’s’, they are made up of our ‘no’s’. A toned figure is thousands of daily ‘no’s’ to overeating and laziness; a successful career is thousands of daily “no” to hackwork; a wonderful family is thousands of a little different “no” to everything over the years.

This is your priority. This is your focus. 

The rest is getting blurred. At least for some time.

This happens to people who are swept over us at a speed unknown to us. One such person came to Prague and now 3 years later he turned from a person without a bachelor’s degree into a bachelor’s diploma holder. Another came to work a year ago and already managed to increase sales for a brand and find an investor to open a mono-brand boutique and develop future sales. A third decided to close depts and a year later reaches financial stability.

These people understood that a desire won’t be realized by itself, to be realized it needs to be prioritized. There is a strong will to make it a priority. After all, to come to one place you can’t go to another.

Don’t be afraid to sacrifice less for more, otherwise, it is impossible when you have a goal. That’s the thought you need to get used to. It’s like opening a digital saving account for any purchase, to buy a car in the future, it’s necessary to deposit regularly. The longer there is a feedback loop – the more time and effort it takes to get the result – the better the result is.

Does this mean that for the sake of one thing you need to sacrifice everything? Of course not! Many of the goals we set in our life can be achieved along the way. But no one person will be enough for everything, and there will be a necessity to separate the wheat from the chaff, the valuable from the unimportant. Time to set priorities.

The most important thing to do is to act consciously and in line with your current values. Your goals will have nothing to do except come true! 


Cover photo: GIVENCHY | Spring 2022 RTW Show; GIVENCHY | Fall Winter 2021 RTW Show

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