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Dream job in fashion. Make a self discovery

Why do you need a dream job in fashion? Make a self-discovery

The only thing creatives want is to create, design, and be part of the fashion industry while being well-paid, even some aim to hold an important position. So where do you start?

Many people dream or set goals, but never achieve them. Our private survey gets heavy with millions of answers received from creatives. Where we asked the essential question: “What’s your Dream Job in Fashion?” Check the list of ambitions thoroughly to align your own, allowing you to begin a journey self-discovery from here: 

1. Marketing and Communication in a luxury fashion company or in the fashion industry.

2. Connect consumer culture and creativity.

3. I would like to work in Fashion Press.

4. Art Director or Editor.

5. Collections Merchandising.

6. The brand manager.

7. A Sustainable fashion designer.

8. A Social media manager.

9. Digital marketing.

10. A particular interest in product management.

11. Export manager.

12. A fashion trend forecaster.

13. Content writer covering fashion, media, and arts. 

14. Design costumes for TV films.

Which of these long-awaited goals – “Dream Jobs” – resonates with you?

Setting goals becomes a hobby in the modern world. By setting and achieving goals, we want to change our lives for the better. In the best scenario, we only have enough of us to briefly formulate goals and start to act. This is a tribute to a modern time that requires modern citizens to act exponentially faster. When one day came an idea (or maybe someone planted it inside of us) about what we wanted, and we immediately decided without even making a custom control of the idea by answering a few leading questions.

Unfortunately, such a sudden and lack of attention to detail can become a trigger for losing motivation, quickly damping off a goal, or constantly postponing it. The goal is still pops up to the fore of our minds, but to take the ultimate powerful move or series of moves is beyond your strength.

In the meantime, that motivation directly depends on a precise answer to the question “Why do I need it for?”. Let me invite you to make an important discovery about yourself by initiating a practical exercise that I will share with you. A complete version of this exercise is described in online training focused on goal setting and its impact to develop the desired identity in life contexts. Now we gift it to you and hope you will find half an hour to make a discovery about yourself. We hope by completing these exercises you will find a portion of special inspiration and set priorities based on your findings.

So, you would need four blank A4 sheets, one pen, and one goal that you wish to accomplish in the upcoming year. Check above the list of dream jobs people often want to have in creative industries (known as fashion or textile industries) for inspiration.

dream job in fashion, Make a self-discovery

Let’s go:

  1. to begin with, write your goal on the top of each page (be specific as much as you can about your goal and formulate it in a positive way).
  2. dedicate the first page to finding your internal answers to a question: Why do I need to achieve this goal within the upcoming year? (Write at least 20 answers to this question, or better 50)
  3. dedicate the second page to finding your internal answers to a question: What will happen in your life when this goal will be achieved? How my lifestyle can be changed and what post effects are going to pop up in my life due to achieving the goal? (Write at least 20 answers to this question, or better 50)
  4. dedicate the third page to finding your internal answers to a question: Why do I want to achieve a goal within the upcoming year?
  5. dedicate the fourth page to finding your internal answers to a question: How can I achieve a goal within the upcoming year?

Take some time for yourself, don’t be lazy. Practicing this exercise is going to save you time in the future.

Cover photo: Ian Schneider; Scott Graham 

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